Why Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatments for Adults

Regular fluoride treatments are not just for children! If you have problems with sensitive teeth, persistent cavities, or want to avoid future cavities, this simple treatment will really help.

Painful tooth sensitivity.


Fluoride Reduces Adult Cavities and Sensitive Teeth

Twenty years ago, dentists believed that fluoride worked by making developing teeth stronger. Now, research shows that fluoride applied regularly to adult teeth is effective in reducing problems with persistent cavities and sensitivity.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Approximately 45 million adults experience sensitive teeth. Worn enamel, gum recession, clenching, teeth grinding, and dry mouth, will all increase tooth sensitivity. The result is discomfort with temperature changes, whether from drinks, food, or breathing air.

How Fluoride Treatments Work

Fluoride molecules soothe the tooth.

An inexpensive and routine topical fluoride treatment, at your regular tooth cleaning, will allow you to keep your permanent teeth longer, reduce cavities and sensitivity. The fluoride gel is placed on your teeth for a few minutes. You will be asked not to eat, drink or smoke for 30 minutes after the treatment.  The fluoride molecules penetrate the dentin tubules, closing them off, which allows for stronger teeth not as susceptible to cavities and sensitivity.

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