Natural Tooth Whitening: does it work?

Many of our patients are interested in natural alternatives to increase their overall health. Along with healthy eating, and natural solutions to health issues, there have been a surge of natural teeth whitening remedies. It is actually alarming how unsafe many of these suggestions are! I am listing a few of the worst here for you, so you know how to handle any questions that might come your way.

White Dental Fillings

Composite Resin Fillings

History of White Fillings

First introduced in the 1960s, composite resin technology has improved immensely in the past forty years. At first the fillings preformed poorly. Improvements in the structure starting in the mid 1980s allowed the white fillings to perform on par with silver fillings. The tooth-colored plastic and silicon dioxide (sand) mixture employed in these “white fillings” successfully withstands pressure and wear for many years. The longevity of composite resins is comparable to that of silver fillings.

Video: How to Make a Front Tooth Blend Perfectly

The most difficult cosmetic assignment any dentist can undertake is the single crown placement in the front of the mouth. Use of an in-office staining and glazing oven allows the very best quality crown or veneer. Here’s a video of the steps required to achieve a great result. To see some of Dr. Larson’s cases click on this link.
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