Dental Implant: Office Preperation

Preparing For A Dental Implant

Insturments needed for dental implants

Some of the Instruments required for implant placement.


Dr Larson and Ankylos representative.

Dr Larson and Doug Dodd, the fabulous representative from Ankylos Implants.



Surgical assistants studying dental implant system changes.


Close-up: Implant surgical system.


This was a typical dental implant case, not a complicated case. The surgical prep time was over an hour with Doug Dodd. The surgery time was about an hour and three quarters. The case went very smoothly because of the pre-operative preparation. The best motto; over prepare for a smooth surgery.

Doug Larson

About Doug Larson

Doug Larson, DDS leads the team at The Smile Specialists in Campbell, California. The dental practice is a progressive cosmetic, restorative and preventative family dental practice. We provide our patients with the most comprehensive dentistry available in a comfortable state-of-the art facility, the planet can be proud of. Our services are designed to maintain the health of our patients’ teeth, improve their overall oral wellness and provide beautiful smiles. Our team works to empower patients with the knowledge necessary to make educated choices about their dental treatment options. We also understand that for many, a trip to the dentist can be a source of anxiety. We want to help you reduce that anxiety. Call and allow us to help. Dentistry has transformed in recent years. We’ll give you an experience that will change your mind about going to the dentist and even make you feel good about coming back.

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