Reduce Cavities: Give your Children Fluoride

What does fluoride do for your teeth?

Why would you ever want fluoride for your children? It’s obvious to the dentist, who’s received fluoride and who hasn’t. How does he know? 

Fluoride keeps you smiling!!


It’s the number of cavities you get. Optimum fluoride reduces cavities dramatically. 

What’s the right amount of fluoride?

Most children need fluoride supplements after six months old, to prevent cavities. If your city water has fluoride (greater than 0.6 ppm) and your children are drinking tap water, that’s all you need. Well water, filtered or bottled water, doesn’t generally contain adequate amounts of fluoride. Talk to your Pediatrician or Dentist about giving fluoride supplements. 

Fluorosis: too much Fluoride

Too much fluoride can cause problems later when the permanent teeth erupt. The tooth will be very hard, very resistant to decay, and have a milky white color or have white dots on them.  If you are using fluoridated toothpaste, and you should, make sure you child uses just a pea sized amount of tooth paste. Too much toothpaste, if ingested, can cause white spots on forming teeth.